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"All of Cutkive Wood is beautifully maintained and so eco-friendly, itís been a pleasure to stay here."



Dog friendly holidays Cornwall Cutkive Wood Holiday Lodges

Dog friendly holidays in Cornwall 

Dog friendly holidays Cornwall Cutkive Wood Holiday Lodges

Child friendly holidays in Cornwall

Cutkive Wood Holiday Lodges

St. Ive, Liskeard, Cornwall

PL14 3ND

01579 362216


Our vision for green holidays at Cutkive Wood Holiday Lodges is to sympathetically manage it in such a way that itís beauty, itís diversity of fauna and flora flourish and itís inherent peace and tranquillity remains. 

We make an active and positive endeavour to support, encourage and invest in green holidays and our natural environment not only here at Cutkive Wood but in the wider scheme of things as well. It is simply about recognising and caring for the diversity of our natural environment so that it remains for future generations to enjoy. 

We endeavour to minimise the impact that our green holiday business has on the environment and to be as sustainable as possible.

Recycling, saving water, bio-degradable cleaning materials and products, energy saving, carbon offset and being responsible about caring for the wildlife and the natural habitat. These are among the many areas that we are involved in an on-going basis. In general what we do can be done very easily by anyone.

You, as our guests, will benefit from having easy access to interesting information that will help you appreciate and enjoy your green holiday and involvement with the natural habitat whilst here at Cutkive Wood and further afield. We most certainly do not intend, whilst you are staying here, to preach to you about our green efforts. But we do believe that you, as our guests, should be given the opportunity to find out more about our endeavours and be able to have a more enjoyable green holiday here in Cornwall.

By itís very nature tourism is a consumable activity that impacts in both good and bad ways upon our environment. We want to conserve and enhance the natural environment by ensuring that you are able to benefit from sustainable tourism throughout the year. In doing this we, and you, will be helping to improve the quality of life for us all. 

We most certainly welcome, and are grateful for, the support and participation of our guests in the effort to care for the environment. 

You, as our guests, are welcome to make suggestions and discuss with us how we can develop our green holiday commitment and continue to nurture the environment. 

By making your choice to come here on your holiday you can relax in the knowledge that you are helping to keep Cornwall special now and for the future.

 Andy & Jackie Lowman

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