Come and enjoy the Cornish rural peace and have a relaxing self-catering holiday in the heart of the Cornish countryside.

Just to let you know that the bluebells are just beginning to show themselves through the blanket of carpeting leaves. In the woodland the most impressive sight and the one that always takes your breath away is the Bluebells.

When they are in full splendour, which is in May, the scent ‘hits’ you as you stroll along the tracks. Most of the woodland floor is covered and each year the Bluebells extend their beauty, looking through the trees they just seem to go on forever. They have now spread to the outlying grasslands and when they are in flower mingling with the other plants in flower it is a lovely sight.

It’s a pleasant way to while away some time just ambling along listening to the sounds of the woods, the song of the birds, looking through the trees and enjoying your holiday at Cutkive Wood – this ‘haunt’ of rural peace.

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