Our best friends, one of the family, our dogs – they enjoy dog friendly holidays in Cornwall too.

And where better than the lovely Cornish countryside where they can run around on the moor and with the fresh air in their coats they’ll love being free whilst you keep an eye on them having fun.

There’s also all the other places such as the beach and coastal path that you’ll be able to take them and lots of the attractions are dog-friendly as well.

Here, from your Lodge at dog friendly Cutkive Wood, you’ll be able to walk them in our pasture and woods and they’ll be able to sit on the patio watching the bunnies in the field.

And we have a dog friendly special offer at the moment.

We all look forward to welcoming you and your dogs to Cutkive Wood – a great place for dog friendly holidays in Cornwall.

We aim to keep you safe... we're going that extra mile for you

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