The Swallows have returned as they do every year and have, once again, taken up residence in the barn. They’re using one of their previous nests that they built in years past.

It seems that all day they can be seen swooping and flying over the field catching insects and the like.

The warm weather is great for them and they fly in and out of the barn while we’re feeding the goats, sometimes perching on the roof timbers and watching us.

Soon the baby swallows will be with us and ‘mum and dad’ will be even busier collecting food. Early evenings are a good time as the insects rise, above the field, in the warm air.

It feels here like we’ve returned to living in days gone by. It is always peaceful and relaxing here at Cutkive Wood in the heart of the Cornish countryside but in these times especially so.

We’re looking forward to seeing friends who have been coming, for many years, to stay here and to welcoming you if it’s your first visit to Cutkive Wood.

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