To help to keep you safe and well;
• Your lodge will be comprehensively cleaned including the use of an environmentally safe all-round sanitiser that kills all known micro-organisms: viruses and bacteria. It’s as supplied to the NHS and has the highest kill rate available – 99.99998% or log kill 7 (as it’s known).
• You will be pleased to know that we’re going that extra mile for you.
• A lodge will be occupied by guests for the week and when they depart the Lodge will be left vacant for an entire week so that we can give it a comprehensive clean before the next guests can arrive (apart from the school summer holidays).
• The above will also mean that guest numbers will be greatly reduced most weeks because a smaller number of lodges will be occupied thereby providing you with a ‘quieter and more relaxing’ holiday and a greater piece of mind in that you are not staying in a busy and crowded place.
• ‘High-touch’ items in the lodges that are not essential (such as tourist brochures, games, books and the like) will be removed for your health and safety as they are considered to be high risk.
• Of course there may be other things that we’ll need to do, from time to time, to help to keep you safe, rest assured we’ll make sure that you can still make the most of your holiday.
• We’ll be adhering to government guidelines and advice and we’re sure that you’ll want to do the same so that everyone can stay safe.

We aim to keep you safe... we're going that extra mile for you

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