You’ll be able to come and stay here at Cutkive Wood, in the heart of the lovely Cornish countryside, away from the busy places and far from the madding crowd, from late July.

In the meantime, we’re getting everything ready for you, whether it be your first time to this rural idyll or you’re returning again having enjoyed your holidays here before.

You’ll be pleased to know, and able to feel comfortable, about our plans to keep you safe. Your Lodge will have been empty for the entire week before you arrive so that we can clean it thoroughly – we’re not prepared to try and clean it in just a few hours between guests – we want to do the job properly for you.

Also we are limiting guest numbers by not opening all our Lodges in any given week.

There’s more about this in a separate blog.

You’ll be able to enjoy your holiday here at Cutkive Wood Holiday Lodges as many people have for many many years.

We’re looking forward to seeing our friends again, those who’ve been coming year after year, and welcoming those who have only just discovered Cutkive Wood and are looking forward to their first time here.

As we’ve said before the sun is waiting for you, the sea and the sand, the lovely Cornish Countryside and lots of attractions are beckoning and soon you’ll be here enjoying your holiday at Cutkive Wood Holiday Lodges.

We aim to keep you safe... we're going that extra mile for you

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